O-Yaki Recipes

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Cooking With O-YAKI


Roasting a whole chicken using the O-YAKI Skewer System is made easy thanks to its unique design.  Simply prepare a whole chicken with your preferred seasonings and place the whole chicken upside down - so the drumsticks are pointing upwards.  This not only allows you to stuff the bird with additional aromatics, but it allows for more even cooking.  Positioning the bird this way also allows the juices from the dark meat to run down the bird and baste the more delicate white meat.

O-Yaki Kebabs

Grill inside and outside

No Turning skewers or basting while cooking kebabs.  Simply  create a skewer of meat or veggies - premarinaded in a sauce or rub as desired and place on the O-Yaki Base.

Insert in Oven and wait for the delicious results - make 9 skewers at once