Our frequently asked questions. Find out about our shops, refund policies and donations.

Where are the products made ?

Our Stainless products are made in India using small workshops and using fair trade practices - under strict guidelines
Our Ecoware products are made in China and have all safety documentation.

Are the Ecoware products re-usable? and what does eco-friendly mean ?

Our Ecoware products are made out of a composite material made out of 85% wheat or rice husk and 15% recycled (upcycled) plastic - the are BPA free reusable and recyclable they support our efforts for a sustainable world.

Can the BBQ mats be used in an Oven ?

Yes the BBQ mats can be used in the oven and on grill where the coals are set - DO NOT use over open flame.

Can the BBQ gloves be safe for touching hot coals ?

YES you can use your BBQ gloves to move the hot coals in your grill without any issues ..also safe to move a small log in the fire place or Fire-Pit Theta re useful as oven mitts as well.

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